Mission & Vision

The Mission: Our mission is to engage young singers from diverse backgrounds; to develop self-discipline, self-confidence, and self-expression; to enrich with an understanding of teamwork and and community; and to inspire a love of music and the pursuit of excellence.

The Vision: The act of singing together inspires the soul and builds friendships, life skills, work ethic, and self-esteem unique to the world of music. Through the study of voice training, music theory, keyboard instruction, team work, and community responsibility, the Choir School provides an opportunity for young people to explore their potential as individuals and musicians within the comprehensive training program of the Voice for Life scheme developed by RSCM. As a scholarship program it affords this rewarding opportunity equally to all. Girls and boys in grades three through high school are eligible. It is our belief that music is a discipline that enhances learning skills across the academic field and provides a more fulfilling life experience.

In addition to singing weekly in the Trinity Church Sunday services, the Choir School enjoys an increasing concert schedule in the Greater Hartford area as well as along the eastern seaboard. It has been said of the choir “These children sing with an intelligence and beauty that delights the ears and feeds the soul.”