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The Choir School of Hartford is a diverse community of students from the Greater Hartford area who represent a myriad of ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Through the discipline of music the students learn:

  • Voice production
  • Music theory
  • MusicianshipTeam work
  • Strong work ethic
  • Responsibility

We follow the RSCM Voice for Life training scheme and offer free piano lessons for those students who wish to take advantage of this facet of the program. The piano students perform twice a year in a recital hosted by the piano instructors and The Choir School.

Choir School students’ season is from September through June. They participate in Sunday services at Trinity Church, Hartford and perform in concerts in various locations. Some past concerts are:

  • Ely Cathedral, England
  • St. Alban’s Cathedral, England
  • Salisbury Cathedral, England
  • Bristol Cathedral, England
  • St. Mary the Virgin, Titchmarsh, England
  • The Washington National Cathedral, Washington, DC
  • The Cathedral of St. John the Divine, NYC
  • Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center, NYC
  • St. Bartholomew’s Church, NYC
  • Hartford Seminary
  • Wadsworth Athenaeum, Hartford
  • The Governor’s Mansion, Hartford

As you can see, the students are provided experiences unique to the Choir School of Hartford. Your child will participate in events that will provide a lifetime of memories.


Promotion Day, October 2017

Today the Choir School of Hartford was delighted to promote eight choristers to a higher RSCM Voice for Life level.

Promoted to Yellow Level:

  • Irene Laramie
  • Margeret Rousseau
  • Dinaka Onoh
  • Jane Mogor
  • Olivia Mogor

Promoted to Dark Blue Level:

  • Celine Stephens

Promoted to Light Blue Level:

  • Elyon 

White Level completed:

  • Elyon
  • Garvey

This is a tremendous achievement for all of the Choristers. I am particularly impressed with those who have completed the yellow level, which includes thorough testing in sight singing and music theory as well has high standards for leadership and character.

I have so clearly noticed the hard work of the Choristers only two months into my journey with them. I could not be prouder!

Jack Merrill

The Choir School of Hartford in Residence at Ely Cathedral 2017

The Choir School of Hartford in Residence at Ely Cathedral

July 2017

At the cathedral church in the historic English city of Ely, the service of Evening Prayer, or Evensong, has been offered every single day for the past 500 years. The choristers of The Choir School of Hartford and several members of the Trinity Choir were privileged to continue that tradition as the Choir in Residence at Ely Cathedral from July 17 through July 19.

Our singers were joined by four choristers and 17 adult choir members from the Church of the Redeemer in Baltimore, Maryland.

The combined group of singers began their England tour by singing Evensong at the Church of St. Mary the Virgin in Titchmarsh, where they were welcomed with a small feast prepared by the residents of this tiny village.  A joyous beginning to a wonderful week of music and soaking up the history of the region.

Forging new friendships, singing great music in a beautiful and historic cathedral, and experiencing England’s culture first hand all provided memories that will last a lifetime!